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Welcome to Sicily

The secret of our success is the unbeatable combination of quality, quantity and price.

The complete menu is rich and plentiful: it normally begins with a selection of hot and cold appetizers such as salmon, seafood salad, sausage, swordfish and mussels au gratin. Then you will have a trio of first courses, all rigorously fish based: seafood risotto, linguine with clams and mussels, homemade maccheroncini with fennel and swordfish; after that we offer you a mixed fish grill, including swordfish rolls Messina style, prawns and roasted squid. After the sorbet, strictly favored with lemon, we complete the menu with homemade sweets (cannoli with ricotta, tea leaves) coffee, bitter and other liqueurs. Every serving is accompanied with local wine (red or white at your choice ) or with bottled wine from the best Sicilian wineries.

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